Taiko TAG Heuer replica usher in “cold” sportsman popular actor Han visited the TAG HEUER replica watches factory


During the 2015 Basel Watch Fair, known as “cold God,” said the popular actor Han went to the Swiss town of pulling TAG HEUER  replica watch factory visit and study, to explore the mysteries of traditional Swiss watchmaking.

Under the guidance of a professional watchmaker accompanied, Han observe the production process of precision replica watches, and personal battle experience movement assembly. His rapt expression, loading meticulous attitude to treat the movement, revealing the “cold” side of the sportsman carefully restrained. Han admitted that he really fell behind the birth of TAG HEUER  replica replica watches each one contains all the patient work watchmaker excellence. They are the ultimate pursuit of detail, passion and dedication of watchmaking admirable.

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The watchmaking factory line Han tried the new appearance of the Basel Watch Fair Tiger TAG HEUER  replica V4 PHANTOM watch. While this replica watches with fashion design skillfully blend cutting-edge production technology replica watches, CMC (carbon-based composite material) to build its case and movement plywood, showing very modern “vertical matt black matte” appearance . Manufacturing in the movement is to subvert the traditional energy transmission: with the famous miniature serrated belts, linear oscillating weight on one track and its ball movement.

About TAG HEUER  replica (Tag Heuer) TAG HEUER:

It began in 1860 in the Swiss watchmaking pioneer. Brand heritage derived from the continued strong beyond the limits and break the rules: the strong spiritual fortitude to overcome technical limitations, creating called bold replica watches and chronographs. Racing team and long-term cooperation with charm ambassador, promoting the brand breakthrough watchmaking tradition, with unparalleled precision timing. Brand of racing genes and dream of elite athletes, are profoundly reflect TAG HEUER  replica (TAG HEUER  replica) on “team spirit, strong will, courage and ambition” core values. For TAG HEUER  replica (Tag Heuer), the “fearless challenge, self-achievement” is not just a slogan – it is an attitude.