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Mido fake women watches

I remember a few years ago, read a movie called “Beautiful Life”, it is estimated that many of my friends should have seen, the film released in 1997, now is an old film, but the subject matter and scenarios, Still so vivid. The film tells us that even in the harsh environment, still can not lose hope, despite its form of fatherly show, but also let us be encouraged. The old saying that “life is alive, unhappy things ten of eight or nine”, the most important thing is how we deal with the surrounding environment, how to face their own past and future. To the Royal London Albert Hall for the design inspiration, the Swiss Mido fake watches the new Bruner series of bright pearl Fritillaria rose gold between the ladies watch (M024., to the colorful design and fashion Color, delicate delicate femininity into the watch. Ladies watch soft and elegant rhyme, as we treat Mido should hold the attitude of life.

In the era of rapid development of peace, modern women already have their own independent values, the rise of the female consumer market fully demonstrated this point. Women’s fakewatches have also been so popular in the past few years, women are not just interested in jewelry, accessories, there are still some women keen to represent the eternal watch, they love life, calm and elegant. Swiss Mido replica fully capture the unique temperament of modern women, portrait launched Bruner series of colorful pearl Fritillaria watch, interpretation of their rich connotation.

For the United States, the Bruner series of colorful pearl Fritillaria watch and other ladies watch has a completely different meaning, it does not locate in the high luxury, but has a high-level ladies watch unique exquisite and gorgeous. Watch the scale of the symbol of the use of classical Mido of the Roman numerals, adding to the watch a classic Mido rhyme. Behind each time scale, are set inlaid with a crystal pearl Fritillaria, Ambilight between sultry chord. Not only that, the center of the same watch with pearl mother of pearl plate material, the ethereal texture of the introduction of reverie.

Although it is a ladies watch, and dial-up window structure, but full of architectural elements, learn from the Royal Albert Hall, the design of high-rise circular roof inspiration. In different light, the watch reflects the colorful luster. It is as feminine as soft, independent, self-confidence, unique, semi-spherical sapphire mirror through the anti-dazzling double-sided coating treatment, in a number of high-angle can clearly read the time, unaffected.

In addition, PVD rose gold plated stainless steel case polished and mercerized polished finish, feel fine, smooth lines, highlighting the Swiss watch manufacturing excellence and quality grade. Bezel after gold-plated treatment, echoes the dial tone, filling the luxury inside.

The traditional round crown is also gold-plated stainless steel handle, moderate size to facilitate manual operation of the watch.

The Mido of Bruner series was born in 2008, faithfully reflects the United States and the Swiss fake watches industry watchmaking philosophy – simple and bold.

4829modeling lines, professional skills, superb mechanical technology, excellent selection of materials and accessories, Bruner Series of colorful pearl Fritillaria watch as if falling into the sky like an angel-like shine and light, people imagination for the modern urban women bring a unique temperament experience. Facial treatment of the lug, respected the traditional curve of the line, also show the Mido of dynamic.

Supple metal chain do not have a taste, suitable for casual wear. Five rows of links in the middle of the two special gold-plated treatment, echo the leisure style of the watch as a whole. Butterfly buckle easy to operate, easy to wear. At the same time, this is the United States and the series under the first fully polished metal chain watch, the other watch is more shining, and enhance the female character.

Only mechanical watches, in order to reflect the long-lasting value of time, after years of vicissitudes, the watch is still new, this “life” is also so beautiful. Caliber 80 watch with Caliber 80 automatic mechanical movement, up to 80 hours of kinetic energy storage, but also a small number of small size (watch diameter 33 mm) long-acting ladies watch a model for. Through the screw-type transparent increase, the operation of the movement glance.

Beautiful life always makes people so yearned, and how to reach, it is more worthy of our thinking. United States degrees Bruner series of bright pearl mother of pearl ladies watch with a unique design techniques, show ladies watch unique soft ya Yun, a symbol of women should be expansive, classic Mido fake and personality, it is not just a watch , Let us understand a style, a way of life, a gesture.