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Brown sun pattern, white mother of pearl, black paint: three new TAG Heuer Monaco watch launched in September, once again demonstrated its prominent position.
TAG Heuer Replica Monaco is one of the most recognizable watches of the 20th century. Its design led the future of the watch industry, and break the pattern, subvert the tradition. In 1969, TAG Heuer to the legendary “Chronomatic Caliber 11” chronograph table won the appreciation of the world, to create a precedent.

Three new watch waterproof depth of up to 100 meters, with a square case, equipped with quartz movement, accurate and reliable.
White mother of pearl table set inlaid diamonds, brown sun pattern table decorated with rose gold decoration. In order to wear more comfortable, black paint table and white mother of pearl cheap replica watches with crocodile leather strap.
With the advent of the new replica watches, TAG Heuer will further enrich the highly iconic watch series.

Manchester United and TAG HEUER replica add color to your home

Manchester United players wear a mask at Old Trafford and TAG Heuer Art Arac Monopoly, chief executive of TAG Heuer, Jean-Claude Biver) together with the murals.

Graffiti artist Alec Monopoly, TAG HEUER replica CEO Jean-Claude Biver (Jean-Claude Biver), Manchester United players together to wear mask cover.

At the iconic Old Trafford stadium in Manchester, Tle Heuer Artist Alec Monopoly created a unique murals, with Paul Pogba, Victor Lindelof ), Jesse Lingard, Michael Carrick, and Chris Smalling are on display at the stadium. TAG Heuer CEO and Jean-Claude Biver, President of LVMH’s Watch & cheap replica watches Division, encouraged and congratulated their work.
“In this fabulous stadium and the players together on the wall to leave a mark, it is fun!” Alec Monopoly
“Alec Monopoly,” said Jean-Claude Biver, Mr. Jean-Claude Biver, who gave me a memorable moment! “Alec Monopoly

Everyone wearing a scarf, covering half of the face, they began to create a unique work. Manchester United players had the honor to deal with American street art stars. Mural inspired by Manchester United’s coat of arms and heraldry, added to Mr. Monopoly (Mr. Monopoly) characteristics; short good good man is a banker, Alec Monopoly works to borrow its image, I also borrowed its name The

Alec Monopoly imprints on Manchester United football.
Manchester United players challenge Alec Monopoly ball for a minute.
Then, Alec interacts with the top football player, receiving a one-minute challenge. Alec as a veritable fan, of course, under the weight of fearless.

TAG Heuer replica opened a new boutique in London’s old Spita Fodder market

Recently, the Swiss pioneer watch brand TAG Heuer replica watches hand in hand Aurum holdings, in London’s historic old Spita Fot market opened a new franchise boutique, continue to expand the brand in the UK’s visibility and influence.
TAG Heuer replica new boutique facade

Located in the old Spita de Valle’s new teddy store

The old Spita Fold market was seen in 1877 and was one of the well-preserved markets in London that survived today. The market is open seven days a week, with booths and stores, selling all kinds of food, fashion and artwork.

London, one of the most iconic entrance

TAG Heuer in London’s new storefront

Decorative painting in boutiques
TAG Heuer has a long history and rich heritage in promoting boundaries, breaking the rules, overcoming technical constraints, creating bold timelines and chronographs, thus setting up new boutiques in the old Spitfeld market to further expand the market Version is not surprising.

Watch products showcase

Showcase in the fine when the meter

TAG Heuer Connected Smart Watch
TAG Heuer new boutique with a unique interior, fit the market creative atmosphere. Tiger Leaf Artist Alec Monooly draws the image of the rich as the store’s focus. The new Connected Modular 45 smart cheap replica watches allows users to transform the watchmaker, through the interactive experience, design to create their own dial display.