TAG Heuer replica became the first international cooperation brand of the National Space Agency

June 1917, the famous Swiss watch brand in the “City” Xichang satellite launch base to help China’s space industry. In 2016, the brand works with the China National Space Agency Mars exploration project. This time, TAG Heuer once again become the Chinese National Space Agency lunar exploration project official strategic partner and the official election timing, marking the Chinese lunar exploration project has also officially entered the TAG Heuer time! TAG Heuer will continue to uphold the pioneering spirit of #Dont Crack Under Pressure # (under no pressure), and support the vigorous development of China’s space industry and lunar exploration. In the early morning of June 19 launched the star 9A radio and television broadcast satellite, 19 afternoon in the Xichang satellite launch center base held a conference.

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TAG Heuer will be the location of the event in the history of China’s space has a remarkable significance of China’s Xichang Satellite Launch Center. Founded at the end of 1970, it has been numerous domestic and foreign satellites sent to space for the development of the cause of the motherland to establish superior meritorious service. Proactive, hard work and TAG Heuer brand spirit coincide, with its leading leading precision timing function to conquer every harsh challenge, even in-depth space is also fearless, to show its excellence, the courage to innovate the brand charm.

And the end of the understanding of space
February 20, 1962, as the first entry into the space watch brand,TAG Heuer accompanied by the American astronaut John Glenn driving “Friendship 7” spacecraft successfully launched, completed three weeks around the earth flight feat The Grace TAG Heuer and John Glenn have witnessed this historic moment of great significance to the whole of mankind, and this watch is from the brand’s 2915A chronograph.

In May 2012, TAG Heuer with space exploration technology company SpaceX company to visit the International Space Station, verified its self-made Caliber 1887 movement in extreme conditions, the reliability and accuracy of the watch.
July 12, 2016, TAG Heuer officially became the Swiss space system (Swiss Space Systems, referred to as S3) zero gravity flight (ZeroG) program partners, with exclusive “boarding pass” identity with the public to take the Airbus, experience Extraordinary trip. 2016, October 26, TAG Heuer in Tianjin held a “dream of space” cultural exhibition, focused on the brand history of 155 years of time again and again in the technology, many of which showcase the brand from the 1/100 Seconds to 1/1000 seconds, and then to 5/10000 seconds, again and again breakthrough miracle, made remarkable achievements.

August 23, 2016, TAG Heuer and China Mars exploration project embankment, officially entered the TAG Heuer time. Marking the Mars exploration project name and graphics logo global recruitment officially launched, while revealing the long-awaited China’s first rover car design.
From the beginning into the space to explore Mars, step by step to lay a TAG Heuer and space of the indissoluble bound. And now with the Chinese National Space Agency lunar exploration project official to create a time and space miracle, is also a day for the match.

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June 19 morning, satellite launch

Launch satellite viewing platform
From the 1950s onwards, the national and national aviation competition has been kicked off. The success of each satellite launch, means that human beings in space and a pair of eyes, to observe and understand this unknown space. June 19 morning, carrying people’s expectations and arduous mission, carrying the star 9A satellite will be the Long March 3 B in Xichang launch. After the countdown, the rocket pierced the silence of the night sky, carrying the star 9A satellite flying in the air, when the observer’s heart is excited and full of hope.

Ready to launch the satellite
China’s aerospace construction in the early, under the pressure of a variety of great challenges, the rocket technology into the forefront of key development planning, years of hard work and tenacious struggle, in exchange for fruitful achievements. October 8, 1956 set up China’s first missile, rocket research institutions – the Fifth Institute of Defense. In May 1958, Chinese leaders put forward the “we also want to engage in artificial satellites”, and began the battle of artificial satellites. On April 24, 1970, China’s first man-made earth satellite (Dongfanghong No.1) was launched. On October 15, 2003, Shenzhou V completed its first manned space flight. On October 24, 2007, Month satellite to achieve the dream of the moon; 2013, China’s first lunar probe successfully landed.
Not the launch of the Long March III and the Long March III recovery debris visit
China in the space search on the road, constantly refresh the height, to create a miracle and glory belongs to the Chinese people.

June 19 afternoon, conference
Chang’e Moon Aerospace Science & Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Xu Xingli, general manager
General Manager of TAG Heuer Greater China Pan Jinji
Summary: At the press conference, General Manager of TAG Heuer replica Greater China Pan Jinji and Chang’e Moon Aerospace Science and Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Xu Xingli, general manager of mutual exchange of gifts, expressed the two groups between the common good wishes and blessings. Under the weight of fearless, is the cause of the pursuit of China’s space industry, is also a tireless driving force on the precise time. Uphold the spirit of a common pioneer, create a timetable and aerospace science and technology a better future.