TAG Heuer replica AQUARACER Camouflage Watch

Camouflage style is a special topic of clock design. Because it is full of strong military style, classic and fashionable, it makes countless watch lovers fall in love with this unique wrist style. In 2017, TAG Heuer replica sports wind full of the Aquaracer series, with the table design is very fashion, in the eye of the Basel watch and Jewellery Show on the launch of the AQUARACER Camouflage TAG Heuer watches, serious and stylish camouflage and modern timepiece aesthetic combination show give the wearer a inch above the wrist between fresh the unique charm.

Strong return of camouflage printing
Inspired by the Siberia tundra environment, create this has a cool and stylish “Arctic” camouflage pattern new timepiece, the same color collocation NATO watch strap movement and strong flavor of the army, showing the unique style of the whole watch. In addition, the brand of “Arctic” watch watchband tailored a custom pattern, with silk weaving of different color, can make uniform color in the premise of ensuring wrist replica watches strap wear strong, show intriguing military style.

TAG Heuer AQUARACER Camouflage watch (polar jungle watch)

2 grade titanium metal sand blasting watchcase
As soldiers tough, 43 mm diameter 2 titanium sand blasting watchcase showing a more superior characteristics. Compared to the traditional watchcase, titanium metal material is more lightweight and wear-resistant, very reliable. After PVD plating black, the reflection of the case light is reduced, showing the best impression, enjoyment, and full of ornamental. The bezel with minute markers is made of black matt ceramic, extremely resistant to scraping, highlighting the overall performance of the case. One side of the same material crown and crown protection device in the cheap replica watches, the crown was inscribed with tag heuer LOGO pattern, giving the watch excellent beauty.
Valiant and heroic in bearing

Milky white and blue Camo dial
Camouflage on the dial, plane calibration and central hoursminutes seconds echoes, can directly and clearly indicate the time, very convenient. In addition, when the standard gauge and is coated with a carbon black SuperLuminova blue luminescent material coating, even in the dark environment can also observe the time. 3 time mark position for date display window, with magnifier, show full content.

NATO strap and TAG Heuer 5 automatic movement
Close the bottom process design, so that the movement of the movement is more secure. Equipped with TAG Heuer replica watches 5 automatic movement, in the protection of watches when walking precise, but also has 300 meters of waterproof depth. With white and blue camouflage NATO strap, comfortable texture, easy to wear. Drawing on the table button, engraved with TAG Heuer logo, and echoes of the crown, to show the overall charm of the watch.

TAG Heuer AQUARACER Camouflage Watch
Summary: named “polar jungle watch” it will be fashionable and camouflage design and tag heuer brand tab classic combination, showing the charm of “Military” become an independent school. Across the table cloth on the tag heuer AQUARACER Camouflage watch, is like a mission point, from top to bottom to show a man’s courage and exclusive style. With its stylish, elegant looking, accurate inner core, the watch has become one of the most watched timepieces on the show.