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FIA New Season Will Be TAG Heuer Replica Timing

Tense competition, advanced technology, the FIA ​​new season is coming. This season will be TAG Heuer timing, tracking the situation using the Cheap TAG Heuer Replica Connected Modular smart watch (45 mm).

FIA Formula E Championship in TAG Heuer timing support, ushered in a new season. Alejandro Agag, CEO of the FIA ​​Formula Electric Championships, said: “There is no doubt that TAG Heuer is a tacit cooperation partner in the FIA ​​Formula E Championship and we are very pleased to be working with such a brand with international reputation, technical excellence and expertise Open a new season. ”

TAG Heuer is inextricably linked with motorsports and introduced a series of best swiss replica watches inspired by the most legendary events. TAG Heuer is a founding partner of this avant-garde event both in technology and in design.

The Formula E-Championship, powered by clean energy, marks the real turning point in car racing. This feature is closely focused on the future. The single-seat race car is powered by electricity and uses Kevlar, aluminum and carbon alloy materials.

To further advance the limits of innovation, the TAG Heuer Connected Modular smartwatch (45 mm) now offers professional applications for tournaments. With a single stroke, you can get information about riders, time, and competitions on the wrist. That is, before, after and during each Grand Prix.

This is TAG Heuer’s new immersive racing experience for everyone. This way lets everyone become the official timing of this avant-garde tournament.

Tag Heuer replica Formula 1 Chronograph

Tag Heuer replica Formula 1 Chronograph


This year is the 30th year in cooperation with the McLaren TAG Heuer Tiger teams, in order to commemorate this moment, in the 2015 Basel Watch Fair Tiger TAG Heuer launched a special limited edition number of this Formula 1 chronograph watch with red , more specifically, “red rocket”, a symbol of speed, challenge, victory and passion symbol.

Watch with 316L stainless steel material to build the case, aluminum bezel with a speedometer scale and the words engraved McLaren, 42 mm in diameter, is particularly conspicuous is the number of minutes on the track “30”, highlighting the extraordinary meaning anniversary. Quartz chronograph movement accuracy of up to 0.1 seconds, the display on the 6 o’clock position of the small timing plate;-minute counter at 9 o’clock, the current second counter at 3 o’clock position. These three small timing plate scroll pattern black dial with gray contrast, they can reflect light, thus creating a sense of speed.

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Watch with a rocket red and black NATO strap, the strap elasticity imparting excellent cheap replica watches uncompromising sporty look, it ensures that anyone can comfortably wear this watch. Both ends of the strap and buckle holes are laser cutting process, to ensure the high quality of surface modification. Caseback in an unusual way to commemorate the partnership TAG Heuer and McLaren: the engraved 1985 an MP4 racing side view, and stamping the word “TAG Heuer”.
As a pioneer in the Swiss watchmaking industry a century, TAG Heuer Tiger adhere to create accurate timing tools and exquisite watch, this limited edition Formula 1 Chronograph is bound to be love racing and sports men’s pet.

Tag Heuer replica Formula 1 Series S3 watches

Tag Heuer replica Formula 1 Series S3 watches

Want to take a zero-gravity world’s largest airliner A340, experience weightlessness in space like a dream experience? S3 company (Swiss Space System Swiss Space Systems) TAG Heuer Tiger choice as a partner to open this extraordinary adventure, and now, more and more people have the opportunity.

Official sources, the Swiss Space Systems airline’s S3 project owned Airbus A340-300, will join TAG Heuer Tiger, carried out jointly S3 zero gravity flight promotion activities around the world.
Remember, Tiger TAG Heuer is the first Swiss watch brand to enter the space. As early as 1962, astronaut John Glenn on Peidaitaige 2915A TAG Heuer watch with “Friendship 7” space exploration.

Today, TAG Heuer Tiger celebrate a new and unique experience open to everyone: S3 project will set up more than 15 destinations around the world, in a very amiable price, provide the public with the opportunity to experience zero gravity flight. The first flight will be held in Switzerland (September) start, then this service will launch an unprecedented experience in Asia and North America.

This is a well-built project, A340-300 original configuration using the flight plan as flexible as a private jet like. A340-300 in flight is only 300 meters, such as around the Matterhorn or Mont Blanc.

A different partnership: Tag Heuer will not appear in the project to promote the ad, but also devotion of accompany S3 team. The first stage: the design and production of Formula 1 series S3 Special Edition chronograph, as a unique boarding pass, to lead you to the world’s largest zero-gravity aircraft A340.
Tag Heuer Formula 1 Series S3 Special Edition Chronograph overall appearance black case with solid steel, the titanium carbide coating, equipped with a quartz movement, timing accuracy of up to a tenth of a second. Dial at 6 o’clock and black rubber strap decorated S3 logo engraved on the bottom of the table lift aircraft 45 ° curve pattern, make this watch become extraordinary experience passenger trip souvenirs.
A special project, a great adventure has just begun ……