Swiss Fake Tag Heuer Monaco Bamford Edition

Created with a solid carbon case, an elegant full black dial and aqua blue chronograph counters. Swiss Fake Tag heuer’s most iconic timepiece has been reinvented in collaboration with Bamford Watch Department.

George Bamford has left his mark on the legendary TAG Heuer Monaco Replica Watches. As one would expect, this new version still features the hallmarks of this model: the square 39-mm case and the crown positioned on the left. But now it also boasts a case made from incredibly lightweight and highly resistant carbon which is an ideal material for watchmakers.

Bamford’s signature style is evident in the chronograph counters highlighted with luminous marks on the indices and the date window, which are a magnificent aqua blue – Bamford Watch Department’s favourite shade of blue. This detail gives the timepiece a resolutely modern look which is right on-trend. The Fake Tag Heuer Watches dial and the case-back are engraved with “Monaco Bamford” as a reminder of the partners in this collaboration. The whole piece is set off perfectly with an exquisite black alligator leather strap.