TAG Heuer Autavia Jack Heuer Replica Watches

According to TAG Heuer, In 1933 the Heuer company penned the “Autavia” name which was a combination of the words “automotive” and “aviation.” The notion was to have a timepiece that was suited to both purposes. It wasn’t until about 30 years later in 1962 that the Autavia name was bestowed upon a Tag Heuer Replica Watches, which Jack Heuer claims was the first watch he designed while at the company.

The silver-colored dial contrasts very nicely with the black sub-dials, making for a very authentic panda-dial look that I happen to find attractive. In my opinion, it actually edges out the non-limited edition Autavia as being the more Tag Heuer Replica attractive of the two – but in reality, they are both good-looking timepieces.

Again, I’ll point out that what would make the Autavia a more perfect watch is a ceramic versus aluminum bezel insert. Which of the two bezels is more attractive or useful? That is a good question and really a matter of personal taste. With Fake Tag Heuer Watches fewer markers, the 12-hour scale is a bit more on the elegant side. Though, the 60-minute counter is a bit more common, and arguably useful in more situations as a timing device, and also a bit busy with all the markers.

TAG Heuer offers the standard Tag Heuer Autavia Heuer 02 Replica Watches on either a leather strap or a matching steel metal bracelet. The Autavia Jack Heuer comes exclusively on the metal bracelet option, which I don’t have any complaints about. Though, I have to say that I feel this watch would look rather handsome on a thick aviation-style black leather strap with silver-colored contrast stitching.

The polished steel case is 42mm wide, a bit on the thicker side, and water resistant to 100m. The calibre Heuer 02 movement is an automatic with Fake Tag Heuer Watches for Men a column wheel and vertical clutch-based 12-hour chronograph system. The movement features a neatly integrated date window within the sub-dial located at 6 o’clock, and the 4Hz movement has a long power reserve of 80 hours.

Three thousand yuan level large diameter cheap replica watches

Although the large-diameter dial has gradually become the mainstream in the modern aesthetic of watches, what are some of the elements that really fit the wrist’s watch in addition to the “large diameter” requirement?

TAG Heuer Replica F1 Series CAZ1010.FT8024
Product Type: CAZ1010.FT8024
Domestic price: ¥ 8900
Watch diameter: 43 mm
Movement type: quartz
Case Material: Steel / Titanium; Fixed Black Titanium Carbide Coated Steel Bezel with Embossed Fine Frosted Speed ​​Gauge
Waterproof depth: 200 meters
Watch Comments: 43 mm case diameter, stainless steel and titanium perfect combination of interpretation. TAG Heuer Replica Watches Accord F1 series CAZ1010.FT8024 watch dial design inspired by the car dashboard, publicity sub-plate and bezel design, with a black rubber strap, the overall gives a young and energetic personality. This watch uses the movement of the quartz movement, relative to the mechanical watch, the quartz movement in the daily maintenance and use, more simple and convenient.

Boer War Warrior Series NM2092C-P-BK
Product Type: NM2092C-P-BK
Domestic price: ¥ 13800
Watch diameter: 45 mm
Case thickness: 11.65 mm
Movement Type: Automatic Machinery
Movement Model: ETA 2824-2
Waterproof depth: 100 meters
Case material: stainless steel
Watch Comments: War Warrior series Boer is known as the “most beautiful luminous series. This is not unreasonable, you may have seen the starry night sky in the United States, the War of the Barrs NM2092C-P-BK (Night Train Golden Diamond) luminous effect comparable to the night starry beauty, orange, green time scale with yellow The hands, fluorescent coating in the night or dark light burst out of the beautiful light, in 45 mm large diameter dial was the perfect interpretation.

Howley Diving Series 752 7733 4183
Product Model: 752 7733 4183
Domestic price: ¥ 17800
Watch diameter: 45.5 mm
Movement Type: Automatic Machinery
Movement Model: Oris752
Case material: stainless steel, one-way rotating diving bezel, black ceramic scale circle
Waterproof depth: 500 meters
Watch Comments: private opinion, diving watch dial design requires large diameter case to highlight its domineering. Howley diving series stainless steel, unidirectional rotating diving bezel with black ceramic design, with a gray dial and white fluorescent coating time scale, 3 o’clock date with a double day calendar display window, the practical performance can fully cope with Daily needs. Hao Li when this watch, this case diameter is the largest case, 45.5 mm dial diameter, I think only the real rough wrist can easily control, ordinary people are afraid of will be prohibitive.
Summary: Rough wrist or like large diameter watch you, whether it is “the most beautiful luminous” Bol or domineering exposed Holly diving cheap replica watches, or the TAG Heuer Replica  F1 series, can be included in the selection of large diameter Watch list, after all, although they belong to a large diameter, but each watch body flash point is different. What do you think?

TAG Heuer Replica-02T watch

TAG Heuer Replica Watches Regal participated in the 2017 Alta California International Salon (SIAR) in Mexico City and announced the launch of the COSC-certified Carrera Heuer-02T Mexico special limited edition watch. At the press conference, Christian Weissbach, President of Latin America and the Caribbean, and Karim Santiago, director of Mexico, released the new watch.

The new watch with compelling design, amazing. Case diameter 45 mm, made of five titanium, coated with black titanium carbide, lightweight and impact resistant, with a black ceramic bezel and crocodile leather strap, engraved on the bezel “Mexico”.

COSC certified this watch, equipped with a tourbillon movement, designed for the Mexican market to create, limited edition 30. From the motherboard processing and assembly, movement assembly, fine adjustment of the school, the installation of case, function and aesthetic testing, engraved retouching, and the chain with: every step in the TAG Heuer Swiss watch factory to complete. In the Swiss watchmaking industry, the price of this tourbillon is extremely competitive and reflects once again the leadership of the avant-garde watchmaker, the Tag Heuer, in touchable luxury. It is also a continuation of the touchable, perceptible value strategy proposed by Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of Tigtagla and watchmaker of the LVMH Group.

Tyler Tagaytay artistic innovator and the famous street artist Alec Monopoly selected 19 limited edition cheap replica watches to commemorate the September 19 earthquake in Mexico. Ceremony host and Mexican actress Michelle Renaud announced the donation of this watch to the Global Endowments Foundation and the latest work by Alec Monopoly “Fuerza México”. Both pieces will continue to be exhibited at SIAR until October 19th. They will then be filming at the Global Give-Aways Gala on November 1, and proceeds will be used to support reconstruction efforts to provide relief to earthquake victims.

It is learned that the Tag Heuer Replica-02T Mexico special limited edition watch price of 25,000 US dollars, equivalent to about 165,000 yuan RMB.

TAG Heuer Monaco Caliber 11 replica watches sale

Recently, the Swiss avant-garde watchtaker TAG Heuer launched a Monaco Caliber 11 cheap replica watches France special limited edition.

The case is made of stainless steel, the size of 39mm x 9mm, equipped with sapphire crystal mirror, the use of back through the design, engraved engraved “MONACO CHRONOGRAPHE AUTOMATIQUE CALIBER 11” (Caliber 11 Monaco automatic chronograph) words, water depth of 100 meters.
Equipped with Swiss manufacturing TAG Heuer Replica Watches Caliber 11 automatic winding movement, the number of stones 59, vibration frequency 28,800 times / hour (4 Hz), can provide 40 hours power reserve, after the Swiss COSC Observatory certification. With the central hour and time seconds display function, small seconds, date display window and 30 minutes cumulative timer are set at 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock position.

Dial is black, decorated with two silver cumulative timer, fluorescent time pointer and time scale, as well as Tiger Hyde retro brand logo. Equipped with a black calfskin strap and stainless steel folding clasp. It is reported that TAG Heuer Replica Goldman Monaco Caliber 11 watch France Special Edition limited edition of 200, priced at 5,500 euros, equivalent to about RMB43,000 .

TAG Heuer Replica Connected Modular 45 Smart Watch

TAG Heuer Replica Connected Modular 45 Smart Watch Ace Specials as the official film of the popular movie “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” will be accompanied by the film in October 2017 20 days landing the major Chinese cinema.

“Ace agent 2: Golden Circle” boom has swept a number of countries, access to the great success far more than expected, but also has gone beyond the first “Ace agents: Institute of Technology.” Up to now, the “Ace agent 2: Golden Circle” global box office has more than 250 million US dollars, but the film is still in the vast area of ​​being.

TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 Smart Watch as “Ace Agent 2: Golden Circle” Movie Official Watch
TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 smart cheap replica watches from the film director Matthew Vaughn (Matthew Vaughn) personally selected. Matthew Vaughn said: “Smart watch is the film agents are essential props.We consider a variety of different options, only TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 smart watch can match the ‘ace agent ‘Pioneer and elegant coexistence of gentleman tolerance.
“The cooperation between the” Ace agent “and Tiger TAG Heuer proves that today’s age is a gentleman,” said Jean-Claude Biver, chief executive officer of Tiger TAG Heuer and president of LVMH Group’s watch business. Definition: is a great prestige, taste pioneer and keep up with the integration of the intelligent era.The film is also sought after by the young people around the world, hoping that through this film cooperation can attract more young customers choose TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 smart watch.

The gold watch agent wearing a smart watch has played a key role, whether in underwater shooting, fighting scenes or special effects lens, this replica watches is an indispensable in any of their necessary tools. In the film release, the fans will enjoy the “Ace agents” who wear TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 smart watch the wonderful moments.

TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 Smart Watch Ace agent special models with ace agents to complete the mission and challenges

TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 Smart Watch Ace Agent Special Gift Box
This special watch also reproduces the modern aesthetics of the British agents: rose gold lugs, with Kingsman printed leather strap, and comes with an orange velvet material strap, inspired by the film in the Taren Taron Egerton wearing the iconic orange velvet men’s casual clothes. Ace agents special models for midnight faint or gray, 9 o’clock position decorated with Kingsman words, 3 o’clock position decorated with Tiger brand name. Each time the clock turns to 10:10, with 10 seconds of the dial vibration, on behalf of the film’s K-shaped logo will emerge. As a key element of the echo of the film, ace agent special watch will be the original dial on the Android Wear lighting function converted to white gold video logo, both elegant British temperament and avant-garde pioneer tolerance. The watch will soon be open for sale in China.

TAG Heuer Carrera Calella Series HEUER-01 cheap replica watches

In 1963, in order to pay tribute to the world’s most dangerous and prestigious Carrera Panamericana, Jack Heuer created the TAG Heuer Carrera Replica watches. Is designed for professional racing drivers designed the first chronograph, and by virtue of more simple, more elegant, more readable design, a road race, sailing and daily life of the perfect choice. Official model: CAR201V.FT6087

Watch diameter 43mm, black hollow dial, with 3 chronograph and a date display window: 12 o’clock position set minutes chronograph, 3:30 position set hollow calendar display disk, 6 o’clock position set hours chronograph, 9 o’clock Set the small seconds in the clock.
White and red fluorescent markings with hand-painted finish and fine matte marks.
Black hollow dial, hidden at the bottom of the black date ring.

Equipped with gray speed scale, combined with the second hand to ensure accurate measurement of the average speed.
The ear is rich and angular and more tough style, meticulous drawing and grinding treatment to feel comfortable when the lug touch.

Watch the side of the device is the crown and two timing buttons. Crown top decorated with tiger TAG Heuer Replica logo pattern, located on both sides of the timing buttons are cylindrical, polished fine, excellent sense of control.

Modular stainless steel case, after a careful matte sanding treatment showed a delicate texture, very metallic texture. In high-intensity use of the environment can also be worn.

With black perforated rubber strap, in the comfort, flexibility and fashion between the perfect balance, enjoy a comfortable life.

Use a double safety button, alternating the finishes of the stainless steel folding clasp. Make sure the cheap replica watches is tightly wrist.

The luminous display is clear and can be easily read in any environment.

Through the bottom of the sapphire crystal, the internal carrying Swiss manufacturing automatic mechanical timing movement is clearly visible. Movement inlaid 39 rubies, balance wheel vibration frequency 28,800 times / hour, power storage up to 50 hours. Heuer 01 is the most important chronograph movement, but also in this price, it is worth a selection of chronograph.

Through the bottom of the sapphire crystal, the internal carrying Swiss manufacturing automatic mechanical timing movement is clearly visible. Movement inlaid 39 rubies, balance wheel vibration frequency 28,800 times / hour, power storage up to 50 hours. Heuer 01 is the most important chronograph movement, but also in this price, it is worth a selection of chronograph.

TAG Heuer Replica Calella HEUER-01 chronograph watch

The first time that Callea HEUER-01, which debuted at Baselworld in 2015, is the iconic chronograph, with a new case, a new structure, a new design and a new movement. Watch with a new design, equipped with Cal.1887 prototype for the new Heuer-01 self-produced movement, using 12 modular structure for a variety of materials, color, processing technology and finishing combination to create a Infinite possibilities, as HEUER-01 this new series on the cornerstone of the advent of.

The 12 parts of the HEUER-01 watch are modular in design, including lugs, case middle, bezel, bottom cover, crown and base, buttons, washers between middle and bezel, and upper and lower sapphire crystals.

45 mm steel case (model: CAR2A1Z.FT6044), the most attractive than the use of a black hollow dial, positive can glimpse of its internal movement. Matte black titanium carbide coated steel bezel, than the current quite popular ceramic bezel more texture. A black rubber strap, according to the wrist thickness of random adjustment, very convenient.

Using screw-in crown, crown outer layer also uses black titanium carbide coating technology.
Black rubber strap, relatively thick, but also highlights the fashion movement of this replica watches.

Case is more heavy, get a sense of weight. Linear three-dimensional lugs, but also more layered.

With black hollow dial, with luminous markings polished and sandblasted hour and minute hands, the layout is clear and easy to read. With white and red fluorescent markings of hand-painted polished and fine matte sprint, 3:30 position set hollow calendar display disk, with calendar window. 12 o’clock position set minutes minutes disk, with silver luminous effect ring; 6 o’clock position set hours chronograph, with silver luminous effect ring; 9 o’clock position set a small seconds, with a black luminous effect ring.

Luminous effect is obvious, in any environment can easily read the time.

Heuer-01 self-produced chronograph movement is based on TAG Heuer 1887 chronograph movement, and 1887 movement is launched in 2010, the technology from the Seiko’s 6S37 movement, TAG Heuer Replica technology licensing from the restructuring. Heuer-01 chronograph movement is the main change is the appearance, in order to increase the beauty, with the dial style, like, turn the Tuo redesigned into a hollow style, the column column wheel is also painted a dazzling red, chronograph pattern has become a bit more beautiful. Still have 39 drill, 50 hours of energy reserves.

Summary: This Calella watch classic sporty appearance, rubber strap sideband also makes this cheap replica watches wild and stylish, is also a good wrist choice.


TAG Heuer celebrates the 150 years of glorious development of the brand, with 400 works and its collectors to hold unprecedented exhibitions: Heuer Globetrotter (TAG Heuer Traveler)
September 16 to September 30, a total of 400 works will be 10 special theme – Paris classic TAG Heuer, Tokyo design, the Venice car, Dubai diving, etc. – also exhibited, to promote the TAG Heue (TAG Heuer Replica) extraordinary avant-garde spirit.

Thanks to the hurricane Emma’s attack, Miami’s disaster was so serious that the “Globetrotters” exhibition of Miami boutique would be postponed. Hope that Florida can quickly complete the post-disaster reconstruction work. We will also confirm the new date for the exhibition as soon as possible.

TAG Heuer, which has a history of more than 150 years, is an excellent example of the watchmaking industry. Brand with a unique process of integration of traditional and pioneering spirit, relying on innovation and carving time, the achievements of a section of eternal classic.
From TAG Heuer Monaco (Monaco) Caliber 11 watch and its subversive traditional square design, to the invention of more accurate chronograph chronograph, or in 1985 for the first time with the F1 legend racing driver Elton Senna signed an innovative advertising , TAG Heue  in the history of development wrote a brilliant chapter.

In this spirit under the guidance of TAG Heuer from September 16 to September 30 launched an unprecedented event: ten flagship store at the same time held ten exhibitions. 400 watch pieces for Globetrotters exhibition and reunited together. These unique cheap replica watches from the watch factory museum collectors who lend, will enable the public have the opportunity to explore TAG Heuer  rich historical heritage.
From the pocket watch to the car timer, including in the brand history and the industry has a number of important innovations in the patent, TAG Heuer Replica Watches will show its glorious development process in the achievements of the brand in the senior tabulation status Time meter.


TAG Heuer LINK watch not only has a symbolic S-shaped chain bracelet brings a unique style, when wearing is extremely comfortable.

Simple, elegant and durable. TAG Heuer LINK watch chain with iconic S-shaped chain.
In 1987, the unique design of the TAG HEUER Replica LINK (Lincoln series) was born. The watch chain design unique and clear, it is a glimpse of knowledge, not only the use of iconic S-shaped chain design, but also in ergonomic and wear comfort are unparalleled. Each link is curved up and down around, worn on the wrist is particularly comfortable.

TAG Heuer LINK is pure, simple, time-tested, and becomes a model of ergonomics and comfort.
Bracelet completely built with stainless steel, and the case completely integrated. Case and bracelet polished and frosted, elegant and refined. Silver-plated hollow dial diameter of 41 mm, clear and easy to read, and the bezel with two components, and the integration of two designs: pillow-shaped base and inlaid ring. Luxury Replica Watches equipped with TAG Heuer ETA 2824 Caliber 5 movement, only 26 mm in diameter, can provide 38 hours power reserve.


Brown sun pattern, white mother of pearl, black paint: three new TAG Heuer Monaco watch launched in September, once again demonstrated its prominent position.
TAG Heuer Replica Monaco is one of the most recognizable watches of the 20th century. Its design led the future of the watch industry, and break the pattern, subvert the tradition. In 1969, TAG Heuer to the legendary “Chronomatic Caliber 11” chronograph table won the appreciation of the world, to create a precedent.

Three new watch waterproof depth of up to 100 meters, with a square case, equipped with quartz movement, accurate and reliable.
White mother of pearl table set inlaid diamonds, brown sun pattern table decorated with rose gold decoration. In order to wear more comfortable, black paint table and white mother of pearl cheap replica watches with crocodile leather strap.
With the advent of the new replica watches, TAG Heuer will further enrich the highly iconic watch series.