Mido Bruner replica watches

What color can best reflect the beauty of charm? What combination of the most stressed mystery and magic? What kind of design will make you memorable? Perhaps this time, the Swiss beauty meter can give you the answer. Inspired by the famous art buildings – the Royal Albert Hall, the United States degrees Bruner series “when partial core” automatic mechanical watch this year to bring interesting color combinations, taste the color, time, style of new possibilities . M024.444.16.051.00 watch people feel more surprised, although the United States has always been daring to challenge the color of the challenge, this is the red and black this attractive presentation, in the autumn and winter gave us a touch of bright color.

In 2008, the United States on the basis of the original series, with a wealth of creativity, the introduction of a stylish Swiss-quality fake watches series – Bruner series, the series to Chrysler Building for the design of the source, Watch a unique and personalized signs. In 2015, the United States of degrees from the table Royal Albert Hall, the towering circular roof design inspiration, launched the popular Bruner II series, and committed to innovation, subvert the traditional pointer instruction design, not only increase the small second hand , While completely changing the hour hand and the large second hand of the traditional dial position, once again designed to Bruner series deeply rooted.

Dial on the “red and black”


This year, the United States on the color replica watch a lot of different, with the personalized and fashion elements more and more popular, the United States and the table in the design and color selection more younger. This new 2016 Bruner series of the United States, “when partial core” automatic mechanical watch, in the classic black main colors to bright red, dotted with large small seconds and small seconds dial scale. 10 o’clock position thick strip dotted silver pointer can read the dark gray hour hand minute hand dial, 4 o’clock position was thin striped red pointer scale black seconds dial, this is a bold attempt, but also more in line with the characteristics of young people – do not rigidly adhere to the traditional, perverse and not reckless, unique. At the same time, the dial using a unique window-type calendar instructions, both practical, but also take into account the disk layout.

It is worth mentioning that in 2015 the United States and the ingenuity of the small dial to enlarge the size of almost the same time as the main dial, which is extremely rare in the traditional watch, and quickly became a popular trend, as a unique way to show personality one. This year the new large and small seconds after the red dotted, very impressive, when we used to pay attention to time when the disk, often overlooked the importance of seconds, and the degree of this design, to a large extent, our attention, The new focus. As in life, and then small things, should not be skipped.

The pursuit of quality made in switzerland

In the impression of the people of Switzerland, the Swiss manufacturing is a representative of the quality of international standards, this impression is not out of thin air, when people maintain confidence in a country when the country will definitely need to give absolute protection. From the financial, pharmaceutical, communications, chocolate to mechanical replica watches, Swiss-made high-quality people are assured. US degree watch hope that through the product, the quality of this concept, so that the Friends of the table to personally experience.

Mercerized polished 316L stainless steel case

Brushed and polished surface treatment case

Dynamic design lug shape

Watch case made of 316L stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, low allergic, polished and mercerized, showing a unique metal color changes and fine texture. Under the modern watch aesthetic standards, the fake watches presents a smooth and natural curved case side, the one made of the casting case, this line of beauty has been extended to the lug and strap.

Charm of the red and black strap


Black leather strap red line

If you feel that the red dial on the dial is not gorgeous, then the black leather strap neat red line, with a block of red lining, will give you a strong visual impact. Not everyone can control the red, she is not any hubris of the color, the so-called charm and wild, but just the soul of the impact, and just Bo your eyes. True personality tension, never destroy the aesthetic, but will push the United States rose to a higher level, not words.

Red lining strap with folding clasp

Mido replica watches red and black strap, with a folding safety clasp, easy to operate, comfortable to wear, easy to fall off, and the disk surface texture with the hours of each other, highlighting the dynamic characteristics of the watch.

Automatic movement “time” source


Mido’s unique 2825-2 self-winding movement

Each automatic movement, is an “intelligent” time machine, they can through the internal clever device, the people arm swing force, driving winding deformation and storage, and then a steady stream of transmission to the watch Energy division mechanism to achieve a balanced second hand travel time. Mido “when the partial core” watch built-in UMC’s unique 2825-2 self-winding movement, not only to achieve the stability and accuracy of travel time, but also with the dial eccentric special design style. After a transparent gem glass bottom cover, these sophisticated mechanisms to enable us to touch.
Summary: “inspiration from the building”, the United States degrees Bruner series “when partial core” automatic mechanical watch clever and quite charm of color red, black color match, rendering this piece of architectural art fake watch mysterious, young, dynamic , Vibrant unique temperament. Excellent design gives the dial a clear effect when reading, both artistic style, jump out of the traditional design of the shackles, so that time presents a way to become a symbol of quality and quality of life.