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Audemars Piguet replica winter extraordinary choice

When the winter valley of the Vallée de Joux comes, the time and nature slow down at this time, but the timeless rhythm is like a wonderful rhythm of love and time. Unspoiled beauty, as always, has never changed: the vast snow-covered pine forests, streams gurgling through the moss and ice-covered rocks, quiet and distant, but also Chung Moving the vigorous force, it is such a beautiful natural beauty of the infinite time treasures. A generation of Audemars Piguet fake watchmaker is in such a pure and independent environment, unremittingly create masterpieces of time, aesthetic design, watchmaking and handmade retouch unique views and perfect interpretation, adhere to and heritage. Therefore, each one is a masterpiece with a handed down the value of the masterpiece, are embedded in the eternal core and enthusiasm. Love Pi Zhen election rich masterpiece, praise the legend of the valley of the United States and winter, hoping the New Year extraordinary scenery.

Winter Moon Moonlight – Audemars Piguet replica Royal Oak Series perpetual calendar watch


As the interpretation of the mysteries of time the most representative of the complex functions, the calendar is always Audemars Piguet in the field of complex functions one of the expertise. The new Royal Oak Series perpetual calendar replica watches with patented ultra-thin Caliber 5134 self-winding self-produced movement, accurate calendar display of the functions: date, week, month, leap year, astronomical moon phase, and 52 weeks display. Silver or blue “Grande Tapisserie” large checkered dial, showing the perpetual calendar of this long history of complex functions, but also carrying the eternal and fast-changing time. Moon phase display plate by the laser process in the sand stone material engraved on the deposition made, is reminiscent of the deep valley of the winter sky in the winter, clear clarity.





Cold As Steel Cold Steel – Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Series Chronograph & Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Series


In 1972, the Swiss replica watches industry, “Winter” occasion, Audemars Piguet to pioneer the spirit of the introduction of steel luxury watch the palace – Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series of watches available, as the history of watches and clocks, a revolutionary innovation. Seemingly minimalist steel, in the hands of Audemars Piguet watchmakers were imposing only precious metal polishing process, blooming out of an unparalleled unique light. Unique octagonal bezel to be eight hexagonal platinum screws, watchmakers need to complete the 70 manual retouching process, in order to achieve the perfect beveled and straight-line matte drawing to create the contrast effect. The diminishing width of the steel band, is a challenge outside the case: only to complete the 138 hand corner of the polished, in order to create angular, full of details of the Royal Oak series strap.
Royal Oak Series Chronograph three vice dial design since the 1970s has been integrated into the Gero · Gundam (Gérald Genta) in the original design, black “Grande Tapisserie” large checkered dial with gold royal oak pointer and time Standard, and stainless steel case and strap to create a harmonious unity of the design style, equipped with Caliber 2385 self-winding movement. Royal Oak Series Women’s Watch inlaid with 40 round cut diamonds (total weight of about 0.73 kt), in the polished octagonal bezel against the backdrop is even more bright, silver “Grande Tapisserie” large checkered dial and diamond diamonds , As if the winter sun on the ice reflects the bright light.

Ice Crystal Ice Cream – Audemars Piguet Millennium Series Women’s Watch & Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Series Automatic Wrist Watch


Winter ice, is the natural and time to create the uncanny workmanship, such as diamond-like crystal clear, in the sun reflects a memorable bright light. In the hands of Audemars Piguet watchmaker, the perfect cut diamond to create a mechanical watch to give a unique feminine atmosphere, also represents the design of aesthetics and watchmaking heritage and innovation.
Unique characteristics of the oval shape fake watches Millenary Millennium Series was born in 1995, designed to meet the millennium with innovative and original design. Millennium series to eccentric design and architectural beauty surrounded, bringing a fresh, unique masterpieces, interpretation of the wearer break through the routine, eclectic unique personality: eccentric, sub-dial with gem mosaic, the senior watchmaking technology and traditional mosaic Clever combination of process, the achievements of the millennium series of women’s watch the unique style. Oval-shaped case specially designed oval-shaped movement, the use of independent balance wheel and plywood design, from the dial to see the beauty of the movement movement.
Whether it is diamond-studded case, or pavé diamonds dial, can be timeless in the design, glow with the Royal Oak Series self-winding watch glamor. High watchmaking tradition and exquisite diamond mosaic process, in this to 152 bright type fit diamond elaborate watch to be the perfect combination, and write a bright sparkling luxury melody.


Winter Sun Winter Sun – Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Series gold watch


Winter sunshine, such as gold-like exudes a warm and natural light. Royal Oak series of gold replica watches, meaning the wealth and strength, reflecting the advanced tabulation process and aesthetic design breakthroughs: the inherent details of the representative of the strict standards of advanced watchmaking, external design can be called contemporary art. Grinding, polishing, ingenuity and hands to create a breathtaking micro-art, the great details. The prestigious Audemars Piguet craft from the United States and the art of love and focus. These spend endless efforts and ingenuity of the exquisite craftsmanship of each Royal Oak gold watch showing a distinctive gold color, moderate but memorable, with the angle of light and shadow reflects a mysterious and wise light.
Audemars Piguet’s iconic “Tapisserie” checkered dial, as well as the Royal Oak series of unique pointer and inlaid time scale, a square inch to show his love of aesthetic design and craftsmanship in the attainments. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Series gold watch will be the perfect combination of two senior watchmaking and precious metal material for the traditional classic to create a new source of creativity.



Freezing Water Ice Water Condensation – Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph


Water and ice, in the winter in two forms of continuous alternation, recording the passage of time. Such as the ice fortitude and style of the Royal Oak Offshore chronograph to rose gold case with a black ceramic crown and chronograph button contrast distinctive personality design. Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph for women, with a new design of the silver “Lady Tapisserie” checkered dial to give the cheap replica watches a more gentle style, octagonal diamond bezel with white rubber strap, depicting women like water Flexible and elegant power.

Zenith El Primero series of happy women replica watches

Founded in 1865 in Switzerland, when the real power, with bold ideas to mechanical watch precision and beauty of the integration of the brand as a pursuit, has received 1,565 Swiss Observatory Time Award, 1,425 Timing Independent Award, enjoy the real Watch the reputation of experts. Because of its bright bezel bezel, mother of pearl dial and chic hollow design, for the fashion exquisite love of women replica watches, but also because of its unique design, Become true force when the brand is very popular in a watch. The reason for the name “happy”, because this watch dial 9:00 and 11:00 between the hollow design. The hollow position on the dial will watch the heart of precision parts of the perfect presentation, is “happy.”

Open the dial in the dial to open the window under the dial to reveal the movement, presumably derived from the independent research and development of the absolute confidence in the movement of it. Happy women’s watch subordinate to the El Primero series, and other El Primero series of watches, equipped with precision and compact in one El Primero movement. “El Primero” in Esperanto is the “first” means, meaning El Primero movement created in the accuracy of the record. This movement has a history of nearly half a century, now, it is still the world’s most accurate series of production chronograph movement, and is the only one can measure 1/10 seconds of time movement, and access to awards One of the largest movement.

Zenith El Primero replica series of happy women watch

El Primero series of happy women watch a total of 4 different configuration of the watch optional. Two stainless steel material watch with bright blue crocodile leather strap and blue alligator leather strap, two rose gold material replica watches with bright orange crocodile leather strap and blue alligator leather strap . Bright strap with white mother-of-pearl dial, and blue gray velvet texture with a brushed dial. Four different mix to meet the different styles of women with different characteristics of the occasion with demand.

Watch dial display

Watch ear display

As a women’s watch, naturally as much as possible the use of women’s favorite design elements, El Primero series of happy women’s watch can be said to do this. Cikuan watch the most eye-catching is that it is diamond-shaped oval bezel, diamond enough 0.65 karats. Followed by the clouds show the pattern of white mother of pearl dial, watch the heart so beautiful also followed the soft. Watch dial rhodium-plated and Zhuo surface of the time scale and the pointer by step by step, 9:00 and 11 am between the ingenuity, with hollow window, you can enjoy the beauty of the heart movement. All dials are beautifully designed to rely on 38 mm table diameter stainless steel case, and by the double-sided anti-glare treatment sapphire crystal sapphire crystal to provide comprehensive protection. This watch is also a chronograph, dial 3-hour location with 30-minute timer, timing accuracy.

Watch crown display

Watch the crown and the case consistent with the steel material, there are non-slip texture, the top of the classic five-star real power logo. Above the crown is equipped with timing start and pause button, below the time with zero button.

Needle Clasp

Watch strap display

Bright blue crocodile leather strap, with rubber protective lining, and stainless steel three folding clasp, bring a comfortable feel.

Watch movement display

El Primero 4025 self-winding movement, the movement diameter of 30 mm, 6.6 mm thick, tiny fine movement for the fake watches design provides ample space to play . Cikuan watch movement inherited from Zenith in 1969 developed the world’s most accurate El Primero movement, regardless of travel time or timing are accurate and reliable. This movement can provide at least 50 hours of power storage, transparent sapphire crystal case back design, will be decorated with “Geneva ripple” pattern of pendulum thallium completely present.

Watch the show

Summary: ingenuity appearance, the integration of precision and reliability of the functional movement is this section of the watch’s introduction, is also true force when the pursuit of precision and beauty of the integration of the embodiment of the experience. Inlaid with diamonds bezel, pearl mica dial, bright leather cuffs and other fashion-loving women as the watch design elements of the combination, so Cikuan watch popular.

Vacheron Constantin replica “Fabuleux Ornements legendary decoration” series

Meters d’Art Artist “Fabuleux Ornements Decoration” series invites you to embark on a trip to the world of decorative arts, with a taste of the unique charm of decorative arts in different cultures. Two years after the series was first released, Vacheron Constantin replica introduced four new replica watches, continuing the series to engrave the art of carving into a variety of arts and crafts, and engraved with the Geneva mark of the new works.

Ten different craftmakers reinterpreted the Ottoman architecture, Chinese embroidery, Indian manuscripts and the artistic charm of French lace with superb artistry. These works are equipped with fine hand-carved movement: 18K gold 1003 ultra-thin movement. Movement of the front of the decoration is extremely fine, the most delicate place only about one-tenth of a millimeter, the reverse with Vacheron Constantin unique chamfer and hand carving process, retains its purely unique appearance.

Traditional arts and different cultures. “India manuscript” when the meter with large fire inside the enamel and hand carving process, highlighting its outstanding skills. The “Ottoman Architecture” timepieces are hand-chamfered, with half-pearls studded in gold and placed on the base of purple mother-of-pearl. “French Lace” when the meter carved with translucent engraved large fire enamel dial, gold carved on the chassis carved organic patterns, so that a transparent layer of enamel showing a delicate sense, and inlaid with rubies and diamonds. The fourth paragraph when the meter is “Chinese embroidery”, the dial in order to outline the process of platinum silk, mosaic jade. This dial is made of pearl mother-of-pearl sculpture, decorated with precious stone carving process cut carved pink opals, and decorated with exquisite gold leaves and stamens.

For more than 260 years, Vacheron Constantin fake has consistently used art to increase the beauty of timepieces, from the beginning of the creation of the brand has been used in the production of extreme compact work. Hand-carved is this challenging process, requiring highly skilled craftsman and skilled, as early as Jean-Marc Vacheron replica watches in 1755 made the first timepiece has been equipped with engraving balance wheel plywood. As an expert in this extremely complex field, Vacheron Constantin demonstrates immense creativity and uses the engraving process on a wide variety of movements, combined with cleverly crafted craftsmanship.