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TAG Heuer replica The Night of the Slide

December 20, 2016 Swiss replica watches pioneer cheap replica watches brand TAG Heuer replica together with the international well-known extreme sports organization La Nuit de la Glisse the film “Do not Crack Under Pressure” (no fear challenge, self-achievement) brought to the second quarter China, for everyone to present this extreme sports event.


La Nuit de la Glisse was founded by a visionary visionary in the 1970s. In the past 30 years, the film crew traveled around the world looking for an extraordinary natural environment that unfolded with the world’s greatest athletes. Stunts, so that the public understanding of the new extreme sports as well as the development of the traditional extreme sports situation.

In order to create the second quarter of 2016 film, La Nuit de la Glisse founder and patron Thierry Donard once again through the lens travel the world, from Mexico to Italy Dolomiti Mountain peaks, and then across the Polynesia, towards a more distant and more difficult journey, all the breathtaking landscape of 11 presented, but also to this more in-depth, more exciting to show these outstanding athletes, unparalleled wonders and rare See the scene. The Tiger Tag Heuer # DontCrackUnderPressure (no fear of challenge, self-achievement) spirit is always running through the film in the filming and production process.

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This year, the public and extreme sports enthusiasts will have the opportunity to follow the footsteps of enthusiastic top athletes through the “beyond the limit La Nuit de la Glisse”, explore the La Nuit de la Glisse added skiing, skating and canoeing and other traditional extreme sports, As well as surfing and other emerging extreme sports, depth of inaccessible Jedi dangerous, enjoy the game of nature and man.

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Tikanui Smith, Karsten Gefle, Mathias Wyss, Hira Teriinatoofa, Mateia Hiquily, Davide Carrera, Zane Schweitzer, Richie Jackson, Karl Geisen, Hira Teriinatoofa, and Mateia Hiquily. Jesse Richman, Matahi Drollet, Eric Deguil and Keala Kennelly et al.

Let us and the limit in the environment continue to challenge themselves with extreme athletes, to a unique extraordinary journey.

TAG Heuer fake watches recommended

Is the holiday season coming, ready for a special “he / she” gift? Bold, happy live, beautiful or free and easy: no matter how their personality, there is always a TAG Heuer fake watches concept and design of the watch for them.

Dedicated to him


Dedicated to his dedicated

Fast-paced life is full of busy, each milestone represents a new challenge! He constantly challenges himself, but always calm. He is like a pilot in daily life, know the secret of success lies in the face of twists and turns to keep calm. TAG Heuer Formula replica 1 watch with three timing discs, specifically for the challenges, calm people to build.

Dedicated to follow his beat

Does he worship pioneers and great explorers? Then with a super wear-resistant blue strap TAG Heuer Carrera (Calella) Caliber HEUER 01 Blue Touch watch is his exclusive watch. His adventurous spirit kept him in the search for new worlds. He knows the best way to tackle every challenge is to stand on the shoulders of giants and get out of their way. Is not bravery going beyond the best way to pay tribute to tradition?

Dedicated to not follow the crowd

He has a unique style of fashion, and always grasp their own rhythm. Classic fashion TAG Heuer Carrera replica (Calella) Calibra Heuer 01 watch can withstand any wind and rain, as it can easily time. This watch dial design into the traditional elements. It is designed not to be about time, but firmly grasp the time of people design.

Dedicated to his vision

Technology is the exploration of the future world. People who love technology must have foresight. He likes subversive art and architecture, because they subvert the seemingly unchangeable rules. To him, reaching the desired end is not the end result. Open a new perspective is the key. TAG Heuer Carrera with automatic chronograph Caliber HEUER 02T watch designed for his avant-garde person/ality.

Dedicated to her


Dedicated to the hope of her out of the ordinary

Do not confuse “different” and “eye-catching.” Those who are very attractive celebrities know: elegance and precision and detail related. Miss the least bit, then absurd. TAG Heuer Carrera cheap replica watch and its 39 mm diameter is designed for those who want to be bold and refined and can be appreciated and respected ladies design, but also for women who want to become the focus of attention design.

Dedicated to any time she was brilliant

Whether a business woman or an adventurer, she never stagnated, and never give up. She sees her life as a journey, often discovering her potential at a critical moment. When nature is released, it is important for her to have a precise goal worthy of effort. TAG Heuer Aquaracer ceramic and gold watch waterproof up to 250 meters, designed for the pressure has always been to maintain the charm of the design of the replica watches ladies.

Breguet Classic replica 9088 Ladies Watch

Classic heritage and innovation is a major feature of  Breguet fake watches. This year, full of legendary characteristics of the Breguet brand set sail again, to the traditional fine watch and watch craftsmen pay tribute. Breguet-made classic series Classique Dame 9088 Lady diamond-studded moon phase watch elegant timeless, for the beautiful Breguet women’s watch series added a classic timepieces. Simple and pure lines, inheritance brand characteristics Breguet blue steel pointer, highlighting the Breguet fake more than 240 years of historical accumulation, exquisite appearance is excellent uncompromising quality. Here let the watch house editing with a taste of its style. (Watch model: 9088BR / 52/964 / DD0D)


Deep cultural heritage, and constantly blaze new trails Breguet replica


Watch the show

When it comes to Breguet’s invention, in this timepiece to reflect the largest number of white dial on the three wiping charm full blue – Breguet blue steel pointer. Blue steel when the pointer to Breguet replica in 1783 created a classic needle-pierced pointer for the inspiration, on the basis of re-impressed with ingenuity design. As well as silicon balance wheel hairspring, silicon escapement wheel and escapement fork, and we are most familiar with the self-winding watch components are proud of the invention of the brand, the classic style and style, making this paragraph Watch the brand atmosphere is more intense. Breaking the moon phase display window design, the semi-circular cover to heart-shaped, more responsive to the trend of the times, highlighting the brand’s continuous improvement and innovation!

When the rose gold and diamond meet


Watch case display

Diameter 30 mm 18k rose gold diamond case, the outer edge decorated with fine coin pattern. With a bright diamond with a modest and luxurious rose gold, highlighting the watch dazzling gloss and unique charm. Bezel and lugs inlaid with bright-cut diamonds, cleverly crafted, so that the whole time more elegant style. Polished 18k rose gold ear set with diamonds, soft texture, smooth lines, on behalf of the eternal diamond and low-key luxury rose gold luster pavilions, very beautiful.


Watch dial display

White enamel dial 6 o’clock position with a small second hand and moon phase profit and loss window engraved with a separate number and Breguet invisible signature scale ring with Roman numerals, minute dial inlaid stars, using a unique lily flower-shaped five Minute scale, highlighting the brand’s long tradition of Breguet watches replica the most lofty tribute.Elegant and elegant to increase the readability of the watch.Lunar phase and the moon shows the watch to add a fun full of practical features.


Watch crown display

The same 18k rose gold material crown, the use of non-slip texture design style, the operation does not slip hands, delicate texture, and the watch can be perfectly integrated as one for the beauty of the watch extra points.
The details of the sculpture are only for the sake of perfection


Watch movement

Breguet Classic Series Classique9087 Ms. moon phase watch back through the design style, through the back cover can see the movement of the operation, do not have some fun. Equipped with Breguet 537L self-winding mechanical movement, equipped with silicon escapement and gossamer, with 45 hours power reserve. Built-in Swiss linear leveraged silicon escapement, silicon hairspring and other devices, vibration frequency of 3.5 Hz. Banqiao decorated with Geneva ripple, gold balance wheel is also decorated with exquisite wheat ear chi Lou pattern, even the movement is more delicate and beautiful. And engraved on the movement of independent numbers and Breguet signature, making the watch unique and classic to be fully demonstrated.


Watch strap display

Watch buckle display

Bright and beautiful dial to connect a white leather strap, showing the purity and elegance of the United States and the United States. With 18k rose gold diamond button buckle, and the watch itself echoes, showing the perfect watch image.


Watch the whole show

Summary: adhering to the brand tradition, pioneering and innovative replica Breguet will be advanced technology and professional watchmaking skills integration, to create this classic, excellent ladies watch. Moving blue steel pointer, on behalf of the traditional watchmaking tradition of the 537L automatic mechanical movement, designed unique moon phase function. This elegant and elegant watch is absolutely elegant choice for women.